Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Price of Art

In today's marketplace, isn't it amazing a painting completed merely a month ago can be sold for a figure that surpasses the price of a work by an Old Master such as Caravaggio? How is this possible? Shouldn’t the fact that a work has withstood the judgment of time make it inherently more valuable?

Parisian Architecture

Some might think that having the buildings look the same is boring but to me, the beauty of the city is its symmetry. To my eye, the perfectly aligned columns provide a balanced view that is truly majestic.

Traveling in Paris

Paris is one of my favorite cities, and I am especially impressed by the gardens. Every single tree has been placed so that it relates just so to every other tree. It has been thoroughly planned, but the harmonious result looks natural. I think that is the goal that should guide us in all design. Pay attention to the details to create results that appear organic and inevitable.