Friday, April 10, 2009

Streamer Tablecloth

We came up with some very creative ideas for our Wedding Showcase on Monday. A lot of people have been asking how I created certain elements, so I’ve decided to post some of our ideas and directions for them here.

Below are directions for how to put together a crepe paper tablecloth. While it took us 3 hours to put together, it only cost $8! What’s more, it’s quite practical and looks like fabric. Guests at the showcase could hardly believe it was paper. It is definitely a do-able project that you can do for a special spring/summer get together or dinner party.

Crepe Paper Streamers Tablecloth
(This project works best with two people.)

-Take a plain paper rectangle paper table cloth and lay on a flat surface
Lay streamers horizontally across the paper tablecloth with a little excess past the cloth underneath.
-Weave vertical streamers through the horizontal ones.
-Once strips are in place, carefully glue underside of woven squares to each other. Not every square needs glue – you can judge which do and which don’t.
-After the glue has dried then pick up table cloth from both ends and place directly onto table.
-Cut the bottom edge to the floor and round the edges for a more polished look.
-Add glue to any strips on the bottom edge, as needed.