Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Lights of Broadway Still Shine

Several weeks ago, some friends of mine invited me to join them for a night at the theater. Going to a show is one of my favorite things to do. Taking in the scenery, the costumes, the phenomenal actors and of course the great story lines makes for a wonderful afternoon or evening out.

This time, I saw Mary Stuart. What an incredible show! Unfortunately, it's closed, but I had to talk about it. Director Phyllida Lloyd did an amazing job with the story of the dynamic relationship between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. In a time when men were the heads of the family and leaders, these two powerful women set the bar for female independence and the feminist movement.

The most amazing scene is the much-written about rain scene. Mary and Elizabeth face off in this pivotal moment with Mary, the prisoner, getting soaking wet, while Elizabeth, the executioner, remains dry in a scene that speaks volumes about both the characters both literally and figuratively. The actual rain was accomplished through the use of ceiling sprinklers and water traps and is simply breathtaking. I've never seen anything like it in theater before.

Although the show has closed, I had to talk about it because it proved that great, impactful theater is still alive and well in New York City. There are plenty of options for everyone - from historical to comedy to musical to children's shows. I think the theater is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or evening and is one of the great things about this city.

As always, check out TKTS booths for daily discounted tickets.