Friday, April 11, 2008

Autism: the Musical

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of not quite fitting in—hasn’t everyone? –you will relate to the HBO special Autism: The Musical. It tracks five kids with autism (and their families) as they spend six months preparing a show that will help them socialize and express themselves.

The best part (other than the fact that makes you cry AND laugh, which to me is the definition of a perfect entertainment) is that it shoots down every one of the myths about people with autism— especially that they can’t relate to others, feel love or communicate affection. Now that autism affects 1 in 150 people (shockingly up from 1 in 10,000 in l982), it’s time to raise our awareness and understanding.

The show was telecast to kick off National Autism Month in April, but you can catch a rerun on HBO on Demand until 4/28 or order your own copy at (and show it to everyone you can!)

Applause to the creators for bringing attention to this issue in such an engaging way. As for the kid performers and their adult supporters, there aren’t enough words to praise them. You want American idols? Here they are.