Monday, July 21, 2008

Organize the Way You Organize!

These days it seems like everyone is running around with thousands of tasks on their to-do lists. With our constant use of cell phones, cameras and iPods, it is impossible to always have them well organized.

A great gift for the friend who is always in need of a few more minutes of battery on the cell phone is a Charging Valet from Brookstone. This recharge station is ready for cameras, phones...really any electronics that come with a messy cord. The station hides the cords, keeping everything neat and tidy. Instead of having phones and electronics lying about with tangled cords, everything can be tucked neatly away on the counter or a desktop.

Finding more ways to keep yourself and your friends organized is a more than helpful gift to give. Don't let the lack of convenient charging prevent your friend from calling you to schedule your next lunch date!

Bedford Smart Recharge Station
Pottery Barn for $39-$79

Please leave a comment with your oganizing tips!