Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beating the Heat

Among the best summer sweets are the many cold treats available to enjoy. Choosing between different types such as gelato, ice cream, and sorbet can be tough when the distinctions between them are unclear. In the summer months many people delight in frozen desserts without even knowing what the true substance of their food is.

The variation between the types of frozen treats are subtle but make all the difference. Ice cream is made from cream, flavors and sweeteners, with air whipped into it to make it light and fluffy (up to 60% of the container can be taken up by air.) While Gelato, an Italian dessert, only has 20% air whipped into it and therefore is much more flavorful and not so light and fluffy.

Sorbet and granite both have no cream or milk. However, Granita is much coarser than sorbet and sherbet because it is not whipped at all. Sorbet and sherbet are both fruit based, but sherbet contains milk for creaminess.

With all the different types of frozen desserts, there is something for everyone’s taste! For a dessert bar at a party include different frozen desserts and share your new expertise with your guests!