Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Your Library

One of my favorite not-for-profit institutions is the New York Public Library. (If you look at my Portfolio on this website you can see some of the events we’ve done for them!) One of the ways I draw inspiration is from perusing through countless numbers of books. Whether I get wrapped up in a character’s life or in a beautiful illustration, I always find food for thought in any book.

Reading is important, and New York understands that: More people visit NYC’s public libraries each year than all of its cultural institutions and sporting events combined. In this day and age, where computers are the source of most reading material, it’s heartwarming to think that the Library provides a public space for visitors to enjoy its extensive collection.

Every city has a public library, and whether you use it for its books or other resources, it’s truly a remarkable place. And better yet – it’s free! Make sure to support your local library so that future generations can enjoy the same books you do today.