Monday, February 23, 2009

Photos for a Lifetime

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I recently went through a bunch of things I’d had in storage for years. It was really cathartic to go through all of my old belongings and relive many memories.

I found lots of pictures that were just stuffed in boxes among other things.

I believe that photos allow us to relive our past and share it with loved ones. Photo albums are a great way of cataloging your life’s adventures and cherishing your fondest memories.

A more personalized method of organizing your photos is by designing photo books. I have been making photo books of all of my events using iPhoto on my Macintosh. This quick and easy program allows me to personalize my photos and illustrate a story with a sophisticated, yet modern style.

For those of you who may want some help organizing your memories or would like to create a great gift for a loved one, maybe a professional organizer is the answer. Ali Tenenbaum is a good friend who specializes in organizing your photographs by creating custom Albums and Scrapbooks.

Please visit her website at