Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sammy's New Coat

As a holiday present I received the most amazing gift from one of my fans and I thought it was so wonderful I had to blog about it. Ginny Shumacher made Sammy a wonderful suit coat that was so perfect for him! Made of brown and white plaid, it had everything from a pocket square to a matching leash and collar. It was even embroidered with Sammy's name! And, Ginny made me a fringed scarf so that I can match with Sammy when we're out on our walks through the city.

I recently blogged about how to care for your pets in the winter, and this coat is a great addition to Sammy's cold weather closet. When Sammy needs to go out in the cold for his daily walks, he'll be walking down the streets in style. Thanks Ginny!