Monday, July 13, 2009

AileyCamp is a summer dance camp that provides inner city children between grades six and eight with the opportunity to “use dance as a vehicle for developing self-esteem, self-discipline, creative expression and critical thinking skills.” What I love about this program is that it gives children a sense of themselves. The mantra that the AileyCamp lives by is that there is no such thing as the word can’t. I had the pleasure of meeting Nasha Thomas-Schmitt, the Co-Director of Arts in Education as well as the National Director of the AileyCamp. She said something to me that is so profound that I will never forget. One of Nasha’s rules and wisdoms that she gives to these children is that there is no such word as “can’t”. Can’t means one of two things: either I do not know please teach me, or, I am afraid please help me. The word “can’t” simply doesn’t exist. Furthermore, I believe that the most beautiful expression of the soul is done via dance. This program is so special and provides for children one of the most valuable lessons of being able to express your individuality and to be yourself!