Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Favorite Doughnuts!

If you have been following my blog, it is easy to see that I have a pretty big sweet tooth. I love all sort of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and candies, and I have a very special spot for donuts.

There’s nothing better than the combination of the warm dough and the sticky and sweet glaze of a freshly-made doughnut. I would go to the 23rd Street Krispy Kreme every week to get my doughnut fix. I became such a loyal customer that one of the night employees would call me when the shells came off the conveyor belt, because I thought the shells were the best part.

I was really sad when the “Hot” light on 23rd Street went out for good. But, just when I thought I would have to be satisfied with the memories of the best donuts I’d ever tasted, I found something even better!

The Doughnut Plant, located on 379 Grand Street in New York City, opens its doors at 6 am and closes when their daily batch has been sold—which is not long since customers are lining up out the door. All of their treats are made with all natural ingredients and fresh fruits are used to make the glazes. My favorite is their new Crème Brulee yeast doughnut. The puffed dough is full of creamy custard with a toasted sugar topping. Stop by their bakery to try other fun flavors like Tres Leches, Banana Pecan, and Vanilla Bean, but don’t forget to get there early!