Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Being the Best

Of course I’m a perfectionist—it’s a virtual requirement in my profession. And I have lots of opinions about the superiority of certain flowers or color schemes or fragrances over others.

But sometimes I make the assumption that there are categories where everything is pretty much the same. Occasionally, I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that I’m wrong. It happened recently with, of all things, pancake mix.

In a gift package of kitchen specialties from Georgia, I found Nora Mills’ Grandma's Favorite Biscuit & Pancake mix. It made fluffy pancakes of the most perfect consistency I’ve ever been privileged to top with butter and syrup. But even better than I love eating these terrific pancakes is how much I love the lesson they teach: Whatever you may do, you can aim to stand out from the rest.

Nora Mill Granary, Inc.
7107 South Main Street
Helen, GA 30545