Friday, May 30, 2008

Cookie Monster

During this year’s annual Girl Scout cookie drive, one 15-year-old in Dearborn, Michigan sold 17,328 boxes of cookies on a single street corner, enough to win her whole troop a trip to Europe. The feat is especially amazing when you consider the total population of Dearborn is fewer than 98,000.

The mind boggles when you think of what that teenager could have done on a New York street corner. Although there are supposedly 2.7 million Girl Scouts in this country, I have never seen any of them in Manhattan, even though—during cookie season—I’m on the lookout. I want to stock up on Trefoils, a shortbread cookie that 9% of us cookie buyers like the best. (It runs a distant fifth to Thin Mints, the preference of 25% who apparently enjoy eating a cookie and freshening their breaths at the same time.)

Although you can not officially purchase Girl Scout cookies online, your local troop may have their own website where you can print an order form to send in through the mail ( If you would rather receive your Do-si-does or Tagalongs directly from the Scouts you should visit to find the contact information concerning the selling locations for the troop nearest you!

Each Girl Scout troop decides when they will be selling their cookies for the school year, so contact them quickly. You may not have much time to stock up on cookies for the summer!