Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Cookie Artisan

Everyday I am always on the look out for meeting new people, and coming across people that love doing what they do is thrilling! One woman who I have worked with for a number of events who has a passion for her talents is Maryann Rollins, The Cookie Artisan.

Creating her desirable desserts from her own kitchen, Maryann started her career making Jack-o-lantern cookies for her daughter’s Halloween party. After sharing her beautiful treats with her guests, her friends began asking her to create cookies for their parties and events. Maryann states, “I love nothing more than helping make someone's party extra special by creating a custom platter of cookies that represents their theme and color palate as well as showcasing the personality of the host or guest of honor.”

Maryann states that she finds inspiration in everything around her, from a color scheme on wrapping paper or a design in a magazine. She states that the two criteria for creating the best party cookies are to have a delicious recipe and use great cookie cutters. Her recommended places to find cookie cutters are listed below.

Artists like Maryann are inspiring because they take an ordinary talent, like baking cookies, and make it extraordinary and new. Whether you are baking, decorating, or working, don’t forget to create your own twist with your talents. Nothing needs to be ordinary when there are so many opportunities to make something amazing!

Maryann Rollins
The Cookie Artisan
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Find the Best Cookie Cutters at: