Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Hints for the Perfect Tree

It is always difficult weeding out the good tips from the bad tips when picking, transporting, and decorating your Christmas tree. Below are some of the best “what you should know” helpful hints that I have followed over the years that have brought me long lasting, beautiful Christmas trees!

1. Shake the tree before purchasing to make sure it is not brittle. If green needles fall off, place the tree back on the rack and pick another!

2. Make sure the tree you choose isn’t too large for your room. It will save you from cutting the tree at home and money.

3. Shake off old needles from the tree before taking it home. Don’t bring the mess home with you.

4. If you have a long drive home, wrap the tree before driving away, and remember to have the stump facing forward on the car to protect the branches.

5. If you can’t bring the tree into the house right away, make sure to store it out of the sun and put it in a bucket of water to prevent it from drying.

6. To allow for optimal water uptake, cut a disk of about .5-1 inch off of the trunk. If the tree is left without water for an extended period, making a fresh cut would improve the health of the tree.

7. Cold water is best for the tree, and do not add any chemicals to the water. The purer the water, the better!

8. Keep the tree away from heat sources like a fireplace or heating vent.
9. Be aware of who is living near the tree. If you have children, make sure there are no fragile ornaments near the bottom (this also applies for pets!).

10. And please, always remember to turn off the lights before leaving the house. The only fire you need during the holidays is enjoyed best within the fireplace!
What are your Christmas tree hints?? Please leave a comment.