Monday, December 22, 2008

Jingle All the Way

One of the great things about our high-speed lifestyle that we are quickly becoming accustomed to is the fact that one can do just about everything with the help of the internet. During the holidays, this may seem like a negative characteristic of our culture, however, we can also use it to increase the holiday spirit with friends and family.

The fun of caroling is slowly losing its touch as we become busier and a little less traditional. This year, I challenge everyone to use your computer savvy skills to download carols! Searching for carols on the internet is not only easy, but it is a way to bring back the tradition of caroling to our homes. Whether you simply invite friends over to sing or go door to door in your neighborhood, sharing the songs that you learn is a great way to get you ready for Christmas.

Another great holiday search is for the original versions of The Night Before Christmas and A Christmas Carol. Don’t lose the traditions of song and stories this holiday.