Monday, December 29, 2008

Pop Champagne, Not Your Eardrums!

One of my least favorite things concerning New Year's Eve is the hype that is associated with the evening.  Going to Times Square with millions of people in the crowd, attending parties where there is no room to walk or talk... these are all too crazy for my idea of the perfect New Year's Eve celebration. 

My recommendation for an amazing evening to celebrate the coming of 2009 is to have a small dinner party with your closest friends early in the evening.  Enjoy the company and celebrate the end of an amazing year and the coming of another one.  Send your guests home around 10:30 PM, as they walk out the door present them each with a gift basket full of New Year essentials:

- comfy slippers
- soft blanket
- champagne
- champagne glasses
- a great movie

Sending friends home to cuddle up with a great movie before the strike of midnight is the perfect gift. Is there any place you would rather be than your sofa, with a warm blanket and a loved one ringing in the New Year?

What is your idea of the perfect New Years Eve?  Please leave a comment!