Friday, January 2, 2009

Help of Heifer

If you are interested in giving a gift that can effect lives around the globe this New Year you may want to consider Heifer International giving.  Introduced to Heifer by a member of my staff, I’ve become extremely interested in Heifer’s initiatives around the world.

Heifer has created a program where you may provide struggling families with “gift animals” such as sheep, cow, llama, water buffalo, and goat.  By giving the gift of a water buffalo, for example, families are provided with milk for food, help plowing fields, they are able to rent the buffalo to neighbors to earn money, and carry heavy loads to the market.

Another great children’s gift idea that has been provided by the help of Heifer International is a book called Beatrice’s Goat, written by Beatrice Biira.  Heifer International gave the Biira family a goat when Beatrice was young.  Growing up in a small village in Uganda, the Biira’s were able to earn enough money from the goat to give Beatrice the opportunity to come to America to attend college.

What better way to give life to a family than through Heifer International, and while you give a gift you can teach your children about making a difference in someone’s life through Beatrice’s Goat.

Heifer International

Beatrice's Goat

Barnes and Noble  - $17.99