Monday, June 9, 2008

25¢ a Cup

Nothing is more exciting than coming across a group of children sitting behind a lemonade stand. No matter the quality of lemonade, seeing their faces when you place a quarter in their money jar is worth the moment spent stopping for a drink.

When you are struggling with ideas for a friendly housewarming gift, why not reinvent the joys of the childhood lemonade stand? Stores like Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma carry various different styles of the lemon press which can then be combined with a decorative basket or pitcher filled with lemons and sugar to complete your adult lemonade kit. For a recipient who enjoys to garden, you can also add a mint plant that can be grown to add flavor to the lemonade.

Simple, creative and fun, this gift will excite both adults and children that are searching for a refreshing drink for the summer. Who says lemons can’t sweeten up your summer?

Ona Pitcher found at Crate & Barrel: $16.95 - $26.95