Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tastes Like Chicken

Going on a picnic is an amazing way to escape the office and your daily routine to enjoy Mother Nature instead of a blinding computer screen. When planning the food to pack for the adventure my main dish is always home cooked fried chicken.

I always soak the chicken in milk the night before the meal. In the morning the chicken is dipped in the batter: remember, only dip once! Finally, fry the chicken in either oil or lard, whichever you have handy. The chicken comes out with a thin crispy skin that is finger-licking good but not greasy enough that you even have to lick your fingers!

If you find yourself scrambling to put together a last minute picnic and do not have the time to soak and fry the chicken yourself, run over to Popeye’s. As they approach their 35th anniversary, Popeye’s chicken has been commemorated as the “best fried chicken” in Dallas, Atlanta and other cities across the country.

So whether you cook it or buy it, you have two great styles of chicken to make any dinner or picnic delicious!