Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Now that it is almost consistently warm and sunny outside, it is a great time to enjoy the outdoors – especially with pets! But if you have a dog or a cat (or other animal), the hot weather and boiling sun can raise some concerns. Pets can be very susceptible to the heat, and can suffer from heat stress and sunburn just like us. I often run out of time, or forget the fact that my dog Sammy may also be uncomfortable in the heat as I often am, so receiving gifts from friends for him is a wonderful and very considerate gift.

It is very important that your pet always stays hydrated. Carrying a hard plastic bowl with you everywhere could become a nuisance, but luckily, Backcountry K-9 sells collapsible water bowls that are perfect for on-the-go pets and owners! Check out to choose the water bowl that’s perfect for you and your pet.

And a special bonus for your dog in the hot, humid weather: Frosty Paws makes frozen treats for dogs that can be an extra special snack for them during the summer heat. They can be found in most grocery stores – just check on their website for locations near you –

Help your friends remember the health and comfort of their pets by finding the perfect pet gifts for this beautiful weather! If you’re unsure of how the weather will affect your pet, and want tips on what precautions to take for them, check and look at “pets” under “Home & Family” for a personal pet forecast and all kinds of pet-related resources.

Pictured above is my dog Sammy enjoying the beach; he and I would love to hear your ideas for keeping your pet cool this summer. Please leave a comment!