Friday, June 20, 2008

The Power of Theater

After watching South Pacific and In the Heights sweep this year’s Tony Awards I began to think about theater and the way it both influences and reflects our lives. South Pacific, a musical revival, first produced in the 1950s tells the story of a frustrated couple torn by racial differences amidst the trials of a World War.

In the Heights, one of the most modern musicals currently on Broadway, tells a similar story of a couple being pulled apart by racial conflicts, financial suffering and cultural warfare.

I have recently seen both of these shows, however seeing them side by side at the Tony Awards made me realize that issues prevalent fifty years ago are still issues that we face today. Whether it’s on a small island in the Pacific Ocean or on a street corner in Washington Heights, all humans go through the same struggles. It is the beauty of theater that allows the audience, through art, to connect to one another. It is refreshing to experience the theatre’s ability to put a new face and new spirit to this ageless story of human life.

What are you inspired by? I would love to hear your comments!