Friday, June 13, 2008

Taking a (Bug) Bite out of Malaria

With the arrival of summer comes the arrival of pesky mosquitoes. Here in the States, we’re concerned about mosquitoes because of those itchy bites they like to give us. However, while we are resting mosquito-free in our beds at night, others around the world go to sleep with the worry of contracting malaria. Africa in particular suffers from this malaria endemic. Every day, 3,000 children in Africa die from malaria.

Malaria causes many deaths and illnesses, putting parents out of work, children out of school, and fueling economic crisis for many parts of Africa.

The deaths and illnesses caused by malaria are tragic themselves, but are made even more tragic by the fact that they can be easily prevented by the use of mosquito bed nets. The donation of a bed net costs only $10, yet the nets are effective. Bed nets can cover 2-3 people, and can last up to three years.

It’s easy and inexpensive for us to contribute. To donate a net and learn more about the malaria endemic, visit