Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Fast Track to Healthy Eating

Today's blog is not about food per say, but rather the lack of food I've had this week! My best friends and I are doing a five day cleanse together and... today is day three. I agreed to take part to wean myself off the large amount of sweets I consume.

The cleanse we chose is the Organic Avenue Five Day LOVEdeep fast. Instead of eating solid foods, every day we drink a series of seven "elixirs," each providing a different nutrient. The fast is designed to drench your body with vital nutrients while giving it a break from digestion. The best part? Each day, Organic Avenue delivers your drinks in this chic burlap bag, and takes the previous day's bottles to be recycled!

I have to say it has been extremely hard giving up coffee but I am feeling energized and healthy! Only time will tell if it ends up helping curb my sugar habit. I'll let you know...

Have you ever done a fast? Please share your stories!