Monday, January 5, 2009

Pucker Up and Moisturize

One of the harshest effects of the winter season is not always on our cars or the roads but on our skin, more specifically our lips!

Lips are an extremely sensitive area on our bodies and, because they are used constantly, they become irritated quickly. Most people that I know say that they simply use chap-stick or lip stick to fix their dry lips. This plan is probably the easiest routine for helping moisturize your lips, however, this only covers up the problem.

In order to really help your lips, exfoliate your lips before applying a lip gloss. After exfoliation, the next step is finding a great gloss for protection. Sally Hershberger has come up with both a refinisher and repair cream for helping ones lips. Another product that is great at fighting off the painfully dried lips is Rosebud Salve.

Don’t leave your lips out to dry this winter!

Sally Hershberger Products
425 West 14th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10014
Lip Refinisher-$12
Lip Repair-$12

Rosebud Salve
Sephora - $6
What is your favorite lip product? Please leave a comment!