Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hug a Mug

One of my favorite ways to warm up during the dreary winter months is a warm cup of hot chocolate. Something about the smell and taste is so comforting and instantly warming.

Max Brenner, a man who shares my love for sweets, is the owner of an ingenious chain of restaurants with a menu comprised of nothing but chocolate. With two locations in New York City I am lucky to be able to stop in on a cold winter day and get my fix of hot chocolate, plus anything else I can think of made of chocolate. Not only does his hot chocolate cure my craving but he has developed the “hug mug”, a mug that is the perfect shape for cupping both of your hands around it. He even has the mug for sale in his “chocolate shop” located in his restaurant and online.

If you are in New York you must check out this fun spot; if not, don't worry you can find a lot of his products at his online store, just click here.

Hug Mug - $8.90