Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Travel Fast, Eat Light

Last week, while on a business trip, I realized something about our airports: ALL of the food is carbohydrates or sugar! While waiting for yet another delayed plane I was looking for something healthy to eat. Hidden behind the Cinnabons and Sabarro pizza all I was able to find was a soggy sandwich and a browning salad! I love sweets just as much as anyone else (maybe a bit more) but the last thing I want before boarding a plane is to be loaded with sugar and bloated from carbohydrates!

My suggestion for staying away from the unhealty food that controls the airport... eat a full meal before you leave home. And, if you know you have a layover or there is a possibility for a delay throw a few heatly snacks in your bag! As much as the smells permiate the air try to aviod that cinnabon and pizza because eventhough they may seem like a good idea at the time, you will regret it once you get on the plane!

What are your suggestions for getting around the tempting unhealthy airport food? Please leave a comment!