Monday, March 23, 2009

Pick A Color, Any Color

Recently, when an employee of mine embarked on the adventure of painting her apartment she struggled to decide on the right colors to use. The most commonly asked question is “What color should I use?” I believe there are more important questions that apply.

When should you use color?

Can the architecture of your apartment or home support colors?

If you have a room with multiple angles, windows with no trim, walls that are shared by two or more rooms, or walls of broken heights, then I believe that these spaces are best suited for shades of white. White will cover a multitude of sins and the clean finish will empower your home decor.

As a child you are taught to color within the lines. When painting our homes, the architecture of the rooms serves as our lines. We have to stay within the bounds of our architecture to illicit the beauty of the scene.

A second thing to remember is that the quality of paint can make the job effortless or dreadfully impossible. I love the fine paints of Europe. The primer and base coats are formulated to support the top color and the primer found in Europe is the best in the world. Although this significantly increases costs, I believe that there are no short cuts in painting. You get what you pay for.

Here is some food for thought:

The average American Household paints approximately every 4 years.

The average European Household paints approximately every 12 years.