Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tea Time

I recently heard of Tracy Stern, a tea lover like myself. She is the creative force behind the famous Salonteas and has a tea salon in NYC.

Tracy’s inspiration was based on old French Salons and the most elegant tearooms of the 1600’s. Tea was a social connector for artists, musicians and socialites who would all come together and discuss the topics of the day. Although times have significantly changed, Tracy hoped that style, art and tea would still bring people together.

Salonteas are hand-picked from the finest private estates throughout the world and given cute names such as, “The Fashionable Dandy” and “The Romantic”. Tracy really gives the teas a personality. And her salon in New York City has bright colors and antique accessories that really make the environment unique and fun to be in while enjoying a good cup of tea.

Visit to get custom-made teas and tea drinking accessories.