Friday, September 5, 2008

Facing History & Ourselves

In past blogs, I’ve mentioned the importance of keeping in mind our history. History can be important for inspiration, and though it’s easier for adults to understand this, it’s important for teenagers and younger kids to recognize this as well.

Facing History and Ourselves is a program that strives to instill in children and adolescents “civic responsibility, tolerance, and social action.” The program uses history to encourage students to critically examine our past – and then confront it. Facing History also regards students as critical thinkers, and giving the students this trust and faith alone encourages them to take on more responsibility themselves.

This idea itself is neat, and the credit given to students acknowledging their ability is a model for how other academic programs should be run. This gives students incentive to be active, which will lead to a brighter future for them and for our world!

Browse to learn more about their programs – their reach and aspirations are extensive and deserve support! Facing History also provides tools and suggestions for educators and professionals, so it’s just for teenagers!