Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sophisticated Table

As the weather begins to cool and our dining room tables are again replacing the outdoor eating spaces as we approach the holiday season, one of the ways that you can easily improve your place setting is learning one of my signature napkin folds! This seemingly small detail on your table will impress your friends with your sophisticated dining style and give you greater confidence in hosting upscale soirees in your own home.

1. With a nicely ironed linen napkin, take the two corners that are closest to you and fold up, just short of the opposite corners.

2. Next, fold the right side of the napkin across to the left side.

3. Rotate the napkin clockwise so the corner with the closed folds faces you. Then fold that corner up towards the open corner.

4. Finally, with two corners on the left and right, fold them into the middle of the napkin, creating a five-sided napkin.

What is your favorite napkin fold? Please leave a comment!