Friday, September 26, 2008

Giving Love to America’s Children: The Downey Side Adoption Agency

The adoption rates across the globe, since the beginning of the concept of adoption, have almost always been most prevalent in the United States. Since the mid-1980’s the US adoption rate has remained constant at around 130,000 children. An institution that has had a large impact on the adoption situation is the Downey Side adoption agency, established in 1967 for the adoption of children from the ages of 7 to 17.

With locations spanning from Connecticut to Minnesota, Downey Side works to find homes for older children needing families. If you are interested in adopting or if you are simply looking to support a great adoption organization, Father Paul Engel, DS founder, would love to hear from you.

Most of the children that are put into adoption programs like Downey Side have no other alternative than to wait for someone to rescue them. Therefore, look into your hearts and see if adopting is right for you. If you do have questions, contact their office nearest you to see if you are ready for this fulfilling, life changing commitment.