Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Unfold the Table and Turn on the Tube: It’s National TV Dinner Day!

Since 1954, American families have shared dinners before the television with the invention of the TV dinner. Created by Gerry Thompson, former salesman for Swanson and Son, the foil packaged frozen meals gained popularity in the time where women were beginning to enter strongly into the workforce. Today, many companies that sell frozen dinners are working on making the traditionally salty and unhealthy frozen dinners better for our health conscious society.

Dr. Praeger’s creates a variety of dishes ranging from vegetables, fish, pizza bagels and dinners specific for the celebration of Passover. Many of Dr. Praeger products can be found in stores like Whole Foods and Garden of Eden. Amy’s Kitchen has expanded the traditional three-course TV meal by creating Chinese dishes, appetizers, Indian food, soups and more.

And of course no TV Dinner can be enjoyed without the perfect table. My favorite is the bean-bagged-bottom tray from Stacks and Stacks, which even has a special place for your remote! Brookstone also carries a lap table available in a variety of colors to make your healthy TV dinner much more stylish. Both tables sit snugly on your lap and allows you to enjoy your dinner comfortably.

As today is National TV Dinner Day, run out to the store and buy a dinner for the whole family to celebrate such a landmark invention in our country’s history!

Dr. Praeger’s
Stacks and Stacks Lap Table
Brookstone's Lap Table