Monday, September 1, 2008

A Touch of Gold for your Wedding Day

Labor Day weekend is a time that we most associate with grilling, the final days of lounging by the pool and the start of school year.  The fact that Labor Day weekend is also one of the busiest wedding weekends of the year is often overlooked.  Whether you are attending a wedding this weekend or are interested in one of the hottest wedding gifts around, Gold 'n Dulcinea is one place you should look to find beautiful wedding ideas.

Started in Los Angeles by a group of three best friends, Gold 'n Dulcinea has created one of the most luxurious Sachet and Pomander Ball collection.  Among some of my favorites are the "Something.." and "Sweet Sip" sachets which are infused with beautiful scents such as voilet, milk and honey, bergamot and sweet pea.  Each of these are a great gift to give a bride to remember her special day!

The Pomander Balls, which may also double as ring carriers for walking down the aisle, are also deliciously scented. A number of products including the "Wings of Hope", help our world by donating to charities such as CARE.

Not only can you help the world by donating to Gold n' Dulcinea's scent foundations, but you can add a touch of heaven by giving them any of these spectacular wedding accessories!

Sachets: $130-$300
Pomander Balls: $80
"Wing of Hope": $97