Monday, October 6, 2008

Ditch the glue, mess, and money. All you need is some fresh FRUIT!

Often times, people look at photos and articles concerning DM events and feel intimidated by the extravagance of the detail and feel as if recreating our table settings or flower arrangements is unapproachable. What you may not realize is much of what we put together for lavish parties can also be accomplished in your own home!

When making centerpieces for my fall events, one of my favorite is a fruit centerpiece. While it is just as beautiful as flowers, they are cost effective and edible! Follow my simple instructions to create something beautiful for your fall table.

1. Pick a container that is the correct size for your table.
One large centerpiece works best for a round table, but if your table is rectangular table try two slightly smaller arrangements. Always remember not to make your centerpiece too high - you want your guests to be able to see one another!
2. Insert a brick of dry oasis floral foam into your container.
3. Using clear floral tape, create a gird of 1" squares.
4. Fill the container with water until the oasis is saturated.
5. Using a floral stick pierce the fruit and insert the other end of the stick in the oasis.
Be sure to have the most beautiful part of the fruit facing out.
6. Continue placing the fruit in the oasis until your entire bowl is full.
When using grapes wrap a piece of floral wire around the end of a floral stick, creating two free ends roughly 4" each. Wrap the wire around the central stem in your bunch of grapes.
When your centerpiece is finished use single grapes to fill in holes.
7. Add a touch of green by placing a little bit of ivy to the arrangement.
8. Speaking of green, when dinner is over, send your guests home with some fruit to reduce the waste from your party!
Do you have any centerpiece tips? I would love to hear your comments!