Monday, October 20, 2008

Open Your Cupboards and Who Knows What You’ll Find!

When opening your kitchen cupboard, are you someone who looks up to the top shelves to find a number of uninteresting, random vases that you have collected over the years like me? Whether you received them with flower arrangements or inherited them from a distant relative most times the only purpose they serve in our lives is to collect dust. Well today is the day to dust them off and finally get some good use out of them!

1. Walk into your yard or down your street and look up! Cut down a few beautiful branches to use in your arrangement.

2. Now, take your simple vase and measure out a piece of brown butcher paper that will fit around it.

2. Cut the butcher paper to size and wrap the vase neatly like a present.

3. To add a finishing touch tie a piece of twine around the middle of the vase.

4. Fill the vase with water and begin filling the vase with the branches evenly.

5. Continue until the vase is full and place in your home to enjoy!

A few seasonal branches, possibly some leaves and tall grasses and you have found a perfect, FREE, and non-traditional use for those vases after all!

Above is a picture of the arrangement that is in the middle of my office right now!