Friday, October 24, 2008

Get Inspired!

Every day I strive toward answering the question "have you made today better?" with a resounding "yes!". Bringing beauty into the mundane is a sure way to improve things, and nothing brightens a home or office quite like fresh flowers.

New York City's world famous fresh flower market first opened in front of Madison Square the mid-nineteenth century, and continues on today just blocks from its original location. A walk down West 28th street from Seventh Avenue to Broadway is like taking a walk through history to a simpler time, when business transactions were made face to face and sealed with a handshake. The sidewalks are lined with every variety of foliage and flower, and bustling with vendors who are passionate about what they do.

Living and working in the midst of the flower market, my seasons are marked by the changes in its offerings. I'm constantly inspired by its sights and smells. Sadly, the market faces an uncertain future as it struggles to compete with luxury buildings, rising rent, and the influx of handbag wholesalers moving into the neighborhood.

A New York Times article from 1875 described the mission of the market, saying, “No one, unless he is desperately poor, will be able to say after the market is open that he cannot afford to decorate his table with flowers!” This sentiment is true today: the market is there, so take advantage! There's no reason not to brighten your life with the beauty of fresh flowers.

The flower market back when it was thriving.

Flower Market Association Dinner

I visit the flower market (which is around the corner from my office) about twice a week on my way to work to see what is in season and for inspiration on the events I am working on.

Flower Market Association

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