Friday, October 10, 2008

The Solution Involves More Than Simply Wearing Pink

This October marks the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because of the amazing increase in breast cancer awareness in the United States, there are so many different ways that you can add to the cause.

Philanthropist and photographer Evelyn Lauder can be held as an amazing example for us to follow as we look to assist in finding the cure for breast cancer. Evelyn has started the Evelyn Lauder Breast Cancer Center on 205 East 64th Street which provides numerous facilities from art therapy services to nutrition services for those who are currently suffering or recovering from breast cancer. Through her website, you can learn more about what Evelyn has done to make such an impact in the world of breast cancer research and hopefully find a way that you can assist as well.

The new film on Lifetime entitled “Living Proof”, starring Harry Connick Jr., is something I recommend you seeing while it is being featured this month. I attended the premiere of the film and I was blown away! You should definitely mark “Living Proof”’ as a must see movie for your month to increase your enthusiasm towards finding ways in which you can help raise funding and awareness of the breast cancer problem that thousands of Americans suffer from each year.

“Living Proof” show times on Lifetime:
October 18 and 20 @ 9pm
October 19 @ 8pm

Evelyn Lauder's Website

What has inspired you this breast cancer awareness month?