Friday, October 3, 2008

Finding Homes for our Homeless with HELP USA

While walking down the streets of New York, whether you are a resident of the city or a tourist here for the weekend, there is no way that you can avoid bumping into or interacting with homeless men and women throughout the streets. Being such a large issue in most cities across the country HELP (Housing Enterprise for the Less Privileged) USA, founded in 1986 by Andrew Cuomo, works to house, counsel, employ and improve the health of homeless across the country.

HELP works daily to bring homeless in through their doors and eventually send them back out into the world better prepared to account for their own actions and to provide for themselves and their families. Ways in which we can help improve the situation of the homeless, domestically abused and struggling veterans on the streets can be seen on $250 donated to HELP pays for two weeks of food and shelter for a family of four. Also a new way in which you can easily help the organization raise money for their cause you can purchase their “Comfort Food” merchandise. 100% of the proceeds of the merchandise purchased benefit HELP USA.

For the full information concerning the programs and history of HELP USA visit their website. With the homeless problem being such an intimate part of our lives, move yourself to make changes to assist those in serious need in your neighborhood. Money, time, and most of all affection will change the lives of so many members of our community.


Comfort Foods, "HELP Tower" (as pictured)
$25, Order Online